What can I expect once you arrive in my home?

We arrive at your home with our equipment and explain how we will eradicate your family’s head lice. We know how stressful the situation is and we promise to take the burden off of you! We check each member of your family to determine who has lice. We then use oils and thoroughly comb through the hair using a professional lice comb and our supplies. As nits are impervious to treatment, we physically remove remaining visible nits (eggs) from the hair. We are here to answer any questions and address any concerns that you might have, By the time we leave you will feel confident that the lice have been handled and you can give your child a big hug without any more big worries!

Should everyone in the family get checked?

Absolutely! There is no way for us to guarantee our service if we do not at least examine everyone in the house to determine if they need a treatment or not. Everyone should get treated in the family that has lice to prevent reinfestation.

Can my child return to school the next day?
In 99% of cases, children can return to school or camp the next day
We leave you with a safe, easy-to-follow treatment plan that addresses any nits that were microscopic on the day of treatment

Head Lice Rescue

Frequently Asked Questions