Head Lice Rescue

We Provide Head Checks in Daycares and Schools 

Contact your school or daycare today for our coupon! if your school isn't participating yet no worries, just invite them to reach out to us and we will be more then happy to deliver our coupons to your school!

We are your all natural solution to your Head Lice Headache. With just one call we can help eradicate, educate and eliminate your problems with lice!

Pinellas School Discounts

School Officials contact us today to participate in helping keep kids in school and -Lice Free!

Call us today @ 1-877-443-4523 or email us at Hairfairygodmother@yahoo.com

Don't waste your time trying to remove every nit yourself risking your child more missed school and falling behind in class. Don't waste your money on over the counter products that don't work on killing lice or nits and can cause your child to have a reaction instead from pesticides and chemicals that the over the counter products contain.

Pinellas County schools have a no-nit policy that calls for the exclusion of a student from school until the removal of all lice and eggs have been removed. Avoid your child from missing anymore school then necessary  and call us! 

We are teaming up with Pinellas County Schools and Daycares to offer a Discounted Price if a school official refers you to our Company. They will detect that lice or nits have been found and that a treatment is needed and present you with one of our coupons to receive $10 off current treatment price. We will then give your student a certificate that a treatment has been completed and that your student can return to school the next day! 

We charge $1.00 per head check Plus Travel fee. Call us for more information