Head Lice Rescue

Service Areas Include

Clearwater, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, Largo, Pinellas Park &

St. Petersburg



Professional Head Lice Removal Services


​​Treatment Price

$80 for each individual treatment. One Price Guaranteed. We don't charge by the hour so that you know we are not just taking our time to charge you more! If no lice or nits are detected there is a $25 charge for a thorough Head Check.

We strive on being the most affordable because we understand that prior to calling a professional, most people have already spent and wasted hundreds of dollars and their valuable time trying to rid lice themselves without any success.

We also provide FREE head checks for all family members as we feel its imperative to make sure everyone is lice free in order to offer our Guarantee of making you and your family Lice free!

Payment Methods Include:

Cash, Check or Paypal!

Professional Lice Treatment

We use our All-Natural Product called Hair Fairy Godmother's Lice and Hair Treatment along with our strand by strand comb out method.

Our product is non toxic, chemical free and even essential oil free. Our treatment is safe for Pregnant and Breastfeeding mothers too.

Why is our product different? Our product not only kills lice by melting their exoskeleton but it loosens nits, rehydrates hair and scalp, repels lice by masking our natural smell, has an antiseptic to help heal scalp from lice irritation and feeds hair and scalp nutrients keeping hair healthy and lice Free! Its made by Mother Nature Herself.

It also kills the super lice that are becoming immune to all the over the counter products available.

​Hair Fairy Godmother's Lice and Hair Treatment is Available for purchase. Includes nit comb and instructions. Click Here to order for only $29.99