Head Lice Rescue

Treatment Prices

Our Promise!

Children feel more comfortable in their own environment. Sometimes it can be scary or overwhelming for a child contacting lice for the first time. We make it fun and educating while keeping them in the comfort of their home. 

Complete Privacy. We never show up in a marked vehicle with Lice Logos.

Fast and 100% effective Guaranteed!  We use an all natural approach safe for babies, pregnant and nursing moms and everyone in the family. 

More Affordable. We are the lowest Priced Lice Service because we understand that prior to calling a Professional, most families have already wasted time and Money trying to eradicate Lice themselves.

​We don't have hourly rates or additional fees like other companies. We provide you with everything up front so there is no surprises when a treatment is completed! 

We are Pinellas Counties most Elite
Mobile Lice Removal Service and

Home of the Hair Fairy Godmother Head Lice Hoover!

We are proud to be the One and Only Professional Lice Removal company to offer our Head Lice Vacuum service in the State of Florida. Our Hair Fairy Godmother Head Lice Hoover is not only a device but a safe and effective method we use to help people all over Pinellas County.

We are your Best Defense against Super Lice because we extract them with our Lice Vacuum for Fast Relief! 

Unlike other lice company's that use machines to kill lice and nits with heated air, our vacuum comb safely uses a cooled suction to extract all stages of lice off your head.  We then follow up with complete nit removal with our all natural products and comb out method. Finally we look under a lighted magnifying lens at your hair and scalp to insure complete success.

So in 3 easy steps you are lice and nit free Guaranteed! It's been Kid tested and Mother Approved! Check out how it works in our Video Below.

Professional In Home Lice Removal Service

Service Areas Include:


Clearwater-Dunedin-Palm Harbor-Safety Harbor-Tarpon Springs-Seminole-Largo-Pinellas Park -Belleair-Oldsmar and a few more surrounding cities!

    $30 Travel Charge 

Treatment also includes a gift bag containing a Professional Lice comb, Cleaning and Preventative instructions.

*​Travel charge not included*

​​If a treatment is needed we provide FREE head checks for all family members as we feel its imperative to make sure everyone is lice free in order to offer our

100% Guarantee

of making your family Lice Free!

​​Not Sure if you have Head Lice? Not a problem! We can come out and thoroughly check you and your family for only

$20 per person.

If a treatment is needed then we waive all the fees for the Head Checks.

**Travel Charg​e applies** 

Payment Method

Cash or Credit Card